Transparent – Poem

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all okay and that you’re having a great week by far!

It’s my pleasure to announce that I decided I was going to publish in this plataform again, so I’m probably going to do so on Mondays 😀

I’ll start with just one poem per week and see how it goes.

So, this one is called Transparent and is actually one of my favorites of all times! I hope you all like it as well because I absolutely love it ❤ asdfghjk

It’s from one of my most proud of poetry books: Inravenous Caffeine

Hope you like it ❤


Once upon a time there was a flower

that was a flower

but no one wanted her to be a flower

so that she forced herself to be a caterpillar.


She never became a butterfly

because she wasn’t meant to be a butterfly;

she was meant to be a flower.


So, yeah, she didn’t want to be what she was

because she didn’t want to disappoint everyone,

she became to be what everyone else wanted her to be

(not what she wanted herself)

and she ended up actually disappointing everyone


and most important of all





The lesson of the story?

be a flower

and don’t be that flower

that is truly a flower

but isn’t really


she’s idiot.


Ha, ha! I Hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did and also to see you in the comments section!

All the queer love,

Violet ❤


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