If you let me – Poem

From the poetry book: Nightingale’s crescendo

I hope you all like it as much as I do! ❤



I want to build you a card’s house.


So that,

when you get mad at me,

you break it down,

and while I apologize

and make sure my stupidity

doesn’t break your heart

in more pieces

than the cards the house will have,

because I’ll make it giant for you to never get bored

and warm for you to never chill out

and sweet for your hart to become softer

and strong for you no never want to leave

and homely for you to always want to be there

I build it up again

with more attention

and love





Did you like it? DID YOU??? If so, leave me a comment saying so and what particular part of the entire poem and share it with your friends! Spread the love, spread the art, spread the card’s houses!


By the way, have you seen my Instagram lately? It looks amazing! ❤


And, as always, thanks for reading! 😉

All the queer love, Violet Pollux ❤




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