3-D perspective

From the poetry book: Intravenous Caffeine

Hello everyone! I hope you’re okay and that you’re all doing great! ❤ This week I brought this beautiful poem, which is one of my favorites, to be honest, and I hope you all enjoy it and like it as much as me!

If so, please, let me know and share it with your friends and the entire world! Spread the love, spread the poetry, spread the art everywhere!



Don’t fight your colors;

it’s worthless.


I tried to do so

some time ago and…


I wasn’t killing them.


I was killing myself.


So, my advice is, my dear:

embrace them,

learn to love them,

and let them


through you,


it might be a little scary at the begging


they’ll be so happy

and thankful

for your acceptance

that they’ll show you

how to fly




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