Rainbow – Poem

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re alright and that you’re doing great!

Happy new week! 😀

Okay, here’s this poem I like quite a lot, and I hope you like it as well.

It’s called, as the title shows, Rainbow, and I wrote it for those days in which you feel like you’re not-that-important and then a friend of yours reminds you that you’re the entire rainbow and world and galaxy to someone else.

So, yeah. That’s what I wanna say today: smile, dispite it all. Because you’re a rainbow and you’ll light up someone’s entire world just by doing that 😀




a rainbow.


There will always be someone

waiting for you.


There will always be somebody

staring at the sky

needing your appearing.




You’ll give them hope



you’ll even save them.




So, please,

don’t let neither a few tears

make you disappear,

nor a couple of words

turn down your colors.


Be brave, dear rainbow,

smile always

and remember that

the colors you have

aren’t as bright

as those

you make us




Did you like it? Did you?! 😀

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Thanks for reading my art. Love you all


All the queer love,




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