Mirror shape – Poem

Hello everyone! Happy new year! 😀

I hope this year is full of happiness and success for all of us!

However, I’m starting with this poem which I personally love quite a lot and I hope you like as well.

If so, please, remind to give it a thumbs up 😀



Sometimes we fight ourselves

in order to try to disappear that little thing

we know isn’t socially approved


but the problem with that is that

no matter how badly you hide it

you are still what you are


and that won’t change


how much you want it to



whether we like it or not

what we feel won’t go away

just by ignoring it


just like being that name you don’t like

will forever still be the real you

even if you don’t like it yourself


even if you don’t admit it


even if you don’t accept it.


Thanks everyone for reading and have a nice day!

Love you all!

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And thanks again for the support!


Love, Pollux



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