Silver tree – Poem

Hi! Greetings to everyone! I hope you’re all okay and doing well!

Today’s poem is from the poetry book Congrats! It’s a boy! and I hope you like it as much as I do. If so, please, give it a thumbs up and susbcribe to the blog! 😀



Nothing worse than

to live as if your entire existence

were some kind of dirty secret

no one should know about

when you are actually just living

when you are just being yourself

when your existence is as valid and beautiful

as any other

and that people are so blind and close minded about it

I mean,

you know,

about life itself,

that they

can’t see




Thanks! Have a great week and an awesome day! 😀 ❤

Love you all!

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All the queer love, Pollux ❤



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