Tattooed soul – Poem

Hello everyone! I’m really excited because my second poetry book, Eyelahes’ rhythm, is up to pre-orders now on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Google play, Barnes & Noble and Kobo! 😀

I’ll be posting a free sample of the poetry book –an excerpt of it– soon, so better stay tuned for not missing it! 😉

Today’s poem is the first of the book, and it’s one of my favorites. If you like it as well, please, remember to give it a thumbs up, share it and suscribe to the blog! 😀



The other day you told me that

I was an angel and

I don’t think that’s exactly true but

if I were

you’d be my wings

without you I couldn’t be able to fly like

you already do when you put your arms

around me and then kiss me till there’s no

other than the both of us and our perfect paradise and

a heart that’s now complete because

we are together again and…

well maybe I’m an angel and…


Okay You’re right:

I’m an angel but

that’s because you

are my



Did you like it? Let me now in the coments below and remember that you can pre-order it here 😀

Share it with your friends and subscribe to the blog! I post poems every week!


Love you all and hope to see you soon!

All the queer love, Pollux ❤


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