Here are a few questions I receive quite a lot, so… I thought it might be good to put them all in just one entry so that people can see it and be endlessly happy, right?


Q: Is Violet Pollux your real name?

A: Yes! I mean, it is not my biological name, but something not being biological doesn’t make it less real in any way and we all now that!


Q: Why Violet Pollux?

A: I’m going to make a video explaining it, okay? I promise.


Q: What’s your real name?

A: As I said, Violet, because it’s my name. It not being biological doesn’t affect its realness.


Q: What your social media likns are?

My sexy social media, dude 😉


Q: How can I help you on your writing career?

Become my Patreon and support me!


Q: Why did you start to write?

A: Because I felt I had to do so.


Q: When did you start to write?

A: I write since I’m 12 and, yup, I’ve been happy because of doing so since then.


Q: What do you do for living?

A: I try to breathe, but, it’s a bit complicated for me since I’m asthmatic, you know? But I keep trying and that’s the important part of it.


Q: Why do you write?

A: Because I can’t not do so. I need to do it; otherwise, I’ll die, I swear.


Q: What do you write most often about?

A: I try to write about life. Or, at least, about my perception of life.


Q: What genres do you like to write?

A: I like to write Romance, Young Adult and Poetry. However, I’d like to start with Science Fiction, too, but that’s more kind of a future plan, honestly.


Q: What do you get inspired on for writing?

A: I don’t believe in inspiration. I believe you can’t wait for inspiration to come to you in order to start something; you should start it and work for it to become alive and real and great. But, metaphorically answering your question: Life. I get inspired by life.


Q: A representative phrase of yours?

A: (1) Art is the answer to all of the questions,

(2) I won’t let a tag to decide whom I can or cannot love

and (3) Opinions are like asses; we all have one — and that’s great.


Q: What do you think about the LGBTQA+ community?

A: You mean if I think we all should have human rights? Yeah, I think we’re all humans and that since that we should all get the same rights.


Q: Why do you say you’re a dragon?

A: Because I am a dragon. Duh!


Q: Why are you a dragon?



Q: How did you figure out you are a dragon?

A: It was actually harder than you think! One day I was staring at the sky and then the thought came to me and I was like WOW, DUDE, I AM A DRAGON! I CAN’T BE HAPPIER ABOUT BEING MYSELF, LIKE, I’M HAPPY I FINALLY ACCEPTED WHAT AND WHO I AM AFTER ALL THOSE YEARS! — you know, the usual 😉


Q: Why do you mean with you are a dragon?

A: I don’t understand what your problem about me being a dragon is! Does it affect you in any way? No. Does it make you inferior to me because I am a dragon? No, because we’re all the same. Does it make you feel uncomfortable that I am a dragon and you’re not? Well, dude, that’s not my business. Does it make you sad that I am a dragon? Well, that’s your problem, not mine.

I recently understood that (1) I can’t force myself to be something I’m not in order to please other people because doing so is killing myself and being selfish and cruel to myself, so… yeah, I’m not going to do so.

(2)  There’s nothing wrong with being different, so, why should I ever lie about what I am, as if it was some kind of crime when it’s not and it’s actually normal?

(3) I am responsible of ONLY my happiness, no others’.

(4) If being yourself is not bad, something to be ashamed of or — if being yourself is great and awesome and beautiful and authentic and real and happy… why not to do so?


And also a few things I decided to do:

(1) I’m going to be myself regardless of others’ opinions.

(2) I’m going to be me because that’s happiness: just being yourself.

(3) I want to be happy and if I keep lying to myself about what and who I am, I know I’ll never be able to be so.


Q: OK, so, you’re a dragon, I got it… What do you want me to do with that? Why should I care?

A: That’s the point: It doesn’t matter because it doesn’t affect you and has nothing to do with you!


Q: So… if it doesn’t affect me and it’s actually not important to me because it affects in no way your artist career and your creative work, why are you telling me you are a dragon?

A: Because I want you all to know that I’m happy being myself and that I’m proud of it, of myself, of who and what I am, and that I’m not ashamed of being different.


Q: Are you a rainbow?




Q: Are you a flower, a color (Violet) or a star (Pollux)?

A: The only thing that matters is that I am a human being, just like you, and that by just being so I deserve respect and human rights, like, you know, all humans regardless of their gender, sexuality, race, social class, and place of procedure!


Q: Are you part of the LGBTQA+?

A: I’m queer AF, babe.


Q:Are you proud to be queer?



Q: What does your family think of you being queer?

A: I don’t know, but I just hope they are happy because I’m happy being myself, doing what I love and not being ashamed of it.


Q: What letters of the LGBTQA+ are you?

A: The T and the Aand fully proud!


Q: You mean you’re trans?!

A: Yeah! I AM TRANS. Why are you so surprised?

I mean, like, what were you expecting a trans person to look like? And… 

Wait… first of all… you know we’re humans, right? We exist and we’re real and we live among you like any other person because that’s what we are: people

So, yeah, I’m trans. But that, like the fact that I am a dragon, doesn’t affect in any way my work as an artist or my value as a person — because I am valuable and deserve respect by just being human, not by my sexuality, gender or other non important things.


Q: OMG! I can’t stand by a trans person! You’re not even humans! You’re monsters!

A: You’re the one telling me that I’m not human because I’m different from you, but I’m the monster, right?

But, however, bye! Good to know from you and I hope you have a great day!


Q: You know you’re going to go to hell because of being trans, right? You should kill yourself!

A: Oh, babe. You’re the one that’s making this beautiful life a living hell by telling others to kill themselves because of being different from you.


Q: So… if you’re trans… what’s your gender?

A: What’s the matter with people about knowing those non important things about others’ lives? It’s not like it actually matters, you know?

But, in case you’re that kind of interested, I’m a non-binary gender — and if you think  that doesn’t exist or say that it’s not a real thing or something as offensive as that, I welcome you to read about it and be open minded about the things that don’t happen to you but still could and indeed happen to others or, in case you still don’t believe me, leave this blog, unfollow me and never, please, never come back.


Q: What’s your sexual orientation?


Ace, dude.

I’m asexual. 

And, in case you don’t know what that is, instead of making wrong assumptions about it, I recommend you to read about it and get informed.


Q: Wait, so, the A in LGBTQA+ is from “Asexual”? I thought it was from “Ally”!

A: Well, that’s been on discussion for a long time. But, as far as I know, it’s from asexual, because we are queer, like any other queer person, but, as Jon Snow, I know nothing.


Q: So, you’re asexual… Does that mean that you’ll never fall in love or anything like that?

A: There are various types of asexuals, but I fit in the alloromantic spectrum. 

Alloromantic means I can romantically fall in love. 

So… answering your question… Nope.

Being asexual doesn’t mean I can’t romantically fall in love.

That’s actually being aromantic and, trust me, it’s quite different yet equally happy — because, despite we are taught otherwise, romantically falling in love or having a couple isn’t “the only best and insuperable thing in life”.

Yeah, it feels great. It’s awesome. But if you think the only good thing about life is romantic love, well, I’d recommend you to check out the other important and meaningful things that exist, like wining a price, going out with a friend, finding something you’d lost, loving your parents, taking a hot shower, eating ice-cream, sleeping, watching tv when you’re tired, hugging a friend and so forth.

I mean, happiness is there. Right there, in front of us. But we never see it because we think it’s something as huge as a ring, or a new and bigger house, or vacations or something “apoteósico”– when it’s not.


Q: You can feel romantic attraction, OK. To what (a)gender(s) can you?

A: I am a soul who falls in love with souls.

I don’t care about genders or agenders. I only care about the fact that the person is a person — that’s what matters to me, that they’re humans.

In other words, I’d say I’m panromantic


Q: So, you’re trans, uh? What are your genitals? Do you have a penis or a vagina?




Q: Since you’re asexual, you won’t ever have sex? Or you don’t want to have sex? Or what will you do with your couple if you ever have one?

A: Have you ever considered minding your own business?

Like, look, okay? I appreciate you care so much about me and my life, but what I do or don’t with any couple of mine is only about MY CONCERN, just like MY SEXUAL LIFE OR MY SEXUALITY ITSELF OR MY GENITALS.


Q: What are your preferred pronouns?

A: They’re not my preferred pronouns. They are my pronouns, because I didn’t choose them because I’m a special snowflake or something, you know? You don’t choose your pronouns; you just use the pronouns that fit with what you are.

But, like you asked with good intentions, my pronouns are “They/Them”. And yes, I use them like “They is…” and I don’t regret about it a bit.


Q: Why are you so sexy?



Q: Are you English Native Speaker?

A: Nope! I’m actually a Spanish Native Speaker, but I have received this one particular question quite a lot throughout my life and, if it’s true that its answer is not the one people expect, it flatters me utterly.


Q: Where do you currently live?

A: In Queerland and Dragonsland. Sometimes it gets hot here, you know? But I know it’s because of me, so, I’m okay with that! 😉


Q: Where are you from?

A: Venezuela!


Q: Why is your poetry so simple?

A: I write what flies through my fingers and what my soul wants to express, so, I never pay too much attention on it being simple or complicated — I’m just happy it is, it exists, that it is real and that it’s authentic or that at least I try it to be so.


Q: I think your poetry is not real poetry because it is not complicated and utterly metaphoric and always fluffy and deep!

A: We believe what we want to believe. And if you don’t like it, you are welcomed to leave this site and to don’t ever read agin something I wrote. As simple as that!


Q: Why do you write about LGBTQA+ people?

A: Because they are people and they deserve some visibility. They deserve a story that’ll show them they can have their happy endings, too, you know?


And, as I love to say:

If something exists, it deserves to be spoken of.

And if it doesn’t exist, we should create it.



I hope this has somehow helped you.

If not, I’m not even sorry, tbh, ha,  ha.


However, thanks for reading!

All the queer love, Violet