Kiss it goodbye – Poem

From the poetry book: Intravenous Caffeine.

I hope you all like it as much as I do ❤


Once we waste our time

we never get it back,


Though, we try to anyway,

to make up for it,

because we don’t want to face

we have actually lost it



So, I’ve been thinking and

I ended up wondering

what would happen if

instead of trying to make up for the wasted time

we’d try to not lose it at all,

to think well stuff,

to not lose time goofing around

and do as we wish


the beginning?


I mean, like, really…

Think about it!


How much time would we save

if instead of being someone else

if instead of doing as someone else wants us to

if instead of trying to please others

for all the years we block ourselves

from being happy

we were


from the start?


Did you guys like the poem? If so, leave me a comment about it and share it with your friends! Follow me on my social media, give the post a thumbs up and, as always, thanks for reading!

All the queer love, Violet ❤


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